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engages in a multi-tiered design process for all web design and graphic design projects. This method has proven to be very client friendly and effective at preventing development bottlenecks.

We offer a robust package of services to facilitate the design process, and expedite your website or print design project through deployment on time and on budget. This process is outlined for general web design projects below:

  • Identify design goals and branding strategy

A Genmoda representative will first conduct a meeting or series of meetings with key individuals to determine your needs, goals, budget considerations and other relevant factors in order to better prepare the website production or print / design project estimate and proposal.

  • Establish goals and objectives for your custom website

Is your website intended to act as a marketing or sales tool? Is it a customer service tool?  Who is the target audience for your site? Genmoda will help you establish clear goals and objectives that are the foundation of any successful online business.

  • Project budget outline phase

Genmoda will assess your overall design goals and generate an encompassing statement of work, and time estimate based on our competitive rate structure. A proposal including the above will accompany an initial invoice. Upon client approval, a deposit of 50% will be secured for the development process. This is to solidify the development agreement in moving forward and to cover transitional costs of design and programming.

  • Professional planning for your website

Develop the architecture of your website. What information should be included and how it should be organized. What key areas will the navigation model consist of?  This is the overall design phase where site zones are declared, and a Site Map is outlined.

  • Experienced sort research and copywriting

Our staff will request as much information as possible from you and other resources, and will edit, or in many cases rewrite, the pertinent information to fit your websites’ overall custom style and navigation.  Our writers will compile the website copy and other text to ensure proper search term usage for basic search engine optimization techniques. Genmoda will also assist you in making decisions on which search terms to target, so the completed site will be prepared for additional Search Engine Optimization.

  • Design phase, User Interface model, Navigation and Site Map

As the copy, script and website outline are being developed, our professional designers will establish a look and feel for the site by creating various design comps and graphic layout examples to show proof of concept. The final design, upon client approval will be moved into the development phase.

  • Design Phase pre-approval checkpoint and Quality Control

Before we begin the website programming process, the script, outline and design elements will be submitted for your review and approval.  This crucial step greatly reduces, and can nearly eliminate, costly revisions which would otherwise be made after the website programming and implementation have been completed.

  • Development Phase and programming

After copy, text and Web design modifications have been completed and approved, the project moves into the Development Phase – converting the information to web-based components such as HTML, JavaScript, Flash and databases as required by the Site Map defined in Step 3.

  • Testing Phase and quality control

During this phase, Genmoda will thoroughly test your site in multiple browsers, to ensure compatibility, address any issues and layout inconsistencies that can sometimes crop up through cross browser compatibility issues. Once we are certain that your site will perform as designed we will move to the next phase.

  • Discreet Website launch

Prior to launching your website for public viewing, our staff will upload the completed website to a server with secured access for review via a private URL. This allows for additional client quality control, and identifying any revisions that may need to be made for the final launch. After client approval of the final site design, the remaining 50% of the development and design fees will be secured before uploading the site to a hosting server of the client’s choice.

  • Final website launch

After all changes are made and any navigational or functionality problems have been addressed, your new professional website is transferred to an Internet host of the client’s choice and launched live for the general public to access.  Genmoda will also purchase domain names on your behalf if necessary, and can provide complete website hosting and e-mail capabilities through our preferred Internet partner, Siteground.

  • Online and off-line website marketing

Completing and successfully launching the website is really only half the battle.  Genmoda performs comprehensive website marketing including optimization, search engine and directory listings, banner ads and broadcast e-mails to make sure your website get the traffic it deserves. Our advertising and printing division can also help with marketing your website by getting the word out to your target market through the use of TV, radio, newspaper or other media ads.